Hair Ritual by Kérastase

Ritual Special Salon by Kerastase

When sitting in a styling chair, you wish the head massage time could be extended a few more moments. We have designed a series of signature hair rituals for this special moment.

As pioneers, we understand the importance of prolonging scalp massage, including gentle neck, shoulder and hand massages to help release tension. This experience is even more unforgettable with a fragrance that is even more relaxing.

Based on the required ritual, your scalp and hair will experience a gentle massage that can treat hair more intensely from root to tip. Find your ritual menu and feel the sensation in our salon

Hair Ritual by Kérastase

Price Start From

Scalp&Hair - Exceptional Youth Revitalizing
IDR 570.000
Scalp&Hair - Densifying
IDR 520.000
Scalp&Hair - Men Densifying
IDR 345.000
Scalp&Hair - Anti Hair Fall Ritual
IDR 390.000
Scalp - Relaxing
IDR 445.000
Scalp - Anti Dandruff
IDR 360.000
Scalp - Oil Balancing
IDR 370.000
Scalp - Anti Hairloss
IDR 405.000
Hair Beauty - Satin Nourishing
IDR 290.000
Hair Beauty - Color Refelcting
IDR 300.000
Hair Beauty - Blond Absolu
IDR 315.000
Hair Beauty - Longer Hair Complete
IDR 390.000
Hair Beauty - Longer Hair
IDR 330.000
Hair Beauty - Intense Healing
IDR 335.000
Hair Beauty - Ultimate Remedy
IDR 400.000
Hair Beauty - Discipline Anti Frizz
IDR 300.000
Texturizer - Elixir Ultime
IDR 47.000
Texturizer - Kerastase Texturizer
IDR 45.000
Quick Services - Fusio Treatment
IDR 230.000
Quick Services - Fusio Dose
IDR 175.000
Quick Services - Fusio Scrub
IDR 135.000
Quick Services - Luxurious Masque
IDR 145.000
Quick Services - Youth Revitalizing Masque
IDR 170.000
Quick Services - K Water Service
IDR 50.000
Scalp Booster - Cure Anti Chute
IDR 157.000
Scalp Booster - Aminexil Black
IDR 157.000
Scalp Booster - Cure Fortifiant
IDR 157.000
Scalp Booster - Densifique Cure
IDR 157.000
Scalp Booster - Cure Apaisante
IDR 147.000
Scalp Booster - Cure Anti Pelliculaire
IDR 147.000