Having a Healthy Hair under your Hijub

Most Hijubis have the same problem with their hair, Greasy Hair, Dandruff, damb hair, hair fall outs, etc.
But, it all can be solved by this simple ways.

Don’t tie your wet hair and using your hijub at the same time

Most of you maight already know this tip, but it’is equally important for girls who wear hijub because many of hijubi tie up the wet hair and useing their hijub after that cause they were in hury. Tying up the wet hair is already known to be damaging to the roots of the hair, but it can even worse for hijubi because hair doesn’t get to naturally dry. Avoid this by giving yourself a space to make your hair dry before wearing your hijub. You have to plan when to wash your hair and give some time space so you not in rush when you want to make your hair dry. If you in Rush, make sure you have the Blow-dryer to make your hair dry.

Use a skin friendly Hijub

You have to make sure that your hijub fabric is skin friendly and sweat free. Cotton Hijub with a lace under-scarf is recommended, therefore It will make the air circulation run smoothly. In case of using artificial fabric such as nylon and polyester, we recommend you to wear bandana underneath to give a protective layer for your hair.

Give your hair the best treatment

Use the shampoo that is suitable for your hair and scalp type which will give you the best result and protection to your hair. Pamper your hair and scalp with the best treatment that you can get.

by the 6 week routine treatment in our salon, you will get the best result with the best deal.

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